Rowdy, The Dixie Original, is Made up of Men who have Written, Recorded, and Performed music for over 20 years. Also in that time they have collectively Journeyed all 48 Contiguous US States, and Internationally, with touring bands and other artists alike. Rowdy is a Cowboy Country band based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

They are Avid Outdoorsman, Husbands, Fathers, and Family Men. Cowboys who are familiar with a wrench as much as they are a Guitar and a Song. They know their way around a Toolbox and a Farm as much as they do Writing and Recording music. Authentically the “Real Deal” as many have elaborated, Rowdy has seen the world, and are still in pursuit of taking their “Strummin’ and Telliin’” forte’ to every corner, every bar, and every stage they can find.

Traveling and Playing music may be their passion, but don’t get it twisted, it is shared with their inherent nature for living off the land, fishing, hunting, growing and harvesting food for their families and community. Spending your whole life with your most favorite people, and not waisting a single second worrying, is just where its happening in their opinion. Add a jeep, an old truck, A Nascar Race, and/or a boat, sippin on some southern sauce, and cracking cold ones, that right there is what they call “good living” folks.

Life is Good

• Riley “Rowdy” Anglen: Vocals, Guitar
(Riley Anglen & The Big Guns, The Almost)
• Aaron “Rod” Gillespie: Producer, Guitar, Vocals
(Underoath, The Almost)
• JJ “Rage” Revell: Bass, Vocals
(The Almost, Brother Ceephus)
• Tucker “Tuck” Wilson: Drums
(Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Canaan Smith, Guy Penrod)
• Daniel “Shiff” Shifflett: Guitar, Vocals
(Danielle Bradbery)
• James “Rev” Westfall: Keys, Organ, Piano
(Riley Anglen & The Big Guns, The Wee Trio)